Tuesday, July 4, 2017

TRREPL Investment scam: 68 bank accounts frozen, 440 acres of land, car and 13 mobile phones seized by EoW Pune

68 bank accounts have been frozen and 440 acres of land, car, 13 mobile phones,  laptop, computer 7.5 lakh rupees cash and  deposits given towards house and office of the agents have been seized from directors, agents of crore Temple Rose Real Estate Pvt . Ltd (TRREPL ). Economic Offences Wing (EoW)  of Pune police has seize this property in 400 crore TRREPL  investment scam case. Surprisingly, though TRREPL scam is spread over all over Maharashtra and other states also and thousands of investors have been duped for hundreds of crores of rupees surprisingly no political party, leader or administration has uttered a single word about this case.

Truly Yours Forever or Cheaters Forever

EoW Pune City is investigating criminal case filed under section 409, 420, 467, 468, r/w. 34, 120 (b) IPC, sec. 3 of Maharashtra Protection of Interest of Depositors (In Financial Establishments) Act, sec. 3, 4, 5, of Prize Cheat and Money Circulation (Banning) Act, 1978 has been registered by Mrs. Nitin Shukla against the directors, promoters, office bearers, agents and other known and unknown persons concerned and connected with the TRREPL and Temple Rose Group of Companies (TRGC ).

After a long stay in Police Custody main accused in this case TRREPL director Devidas Sajnani and agent Ramesh Aghicha are still in magistrate custody while Keshav Narayan Iddya, Markas Yohan Thorat, Deepa Devidas Sajnani, Vanita Devidas Sajnani, Sunil Dada Gaji , Dharmesh Narendra Joshi, Sharmila Dharmesh Joshi , Kanhaiyalal Narayadas Sadhawani , Ashok Toalaram Pamnani , Sapna Ramesh Aghicha , Sweta Ramesh Aghicha and Shrikant Parmeshwar Jaiswal have applied for anticipatory bail.

Without political leaders’ or administration’s support it is impossible to  run any scam in India. The way TRREPL directors, their associates bought huge lands violating all the Land Laws in various parts of Maharashtra, indicates that they have support from political parties, leaders and administration also. Otherwise it is difficult for anybody to buy lands violating ceiling on holding Agricultural Lands, prevention of fragmentation of agriculture land. Nobody can buy agriculture land unless he is agriculturist. However TRREPL people who do not have seen the agriculture in their entire life easily managed to obtain agriculturist certificate.

One can imagine the reason behind political leaders’ or administration’s silence. We have earlier witnessed such silence after arrest of Mahesh Motewar of Samruddha Jeevan scam.  Almost every political party or leader had good relations with him. After his arrest only that support vanished. If we track other companies associated with TRREPL , Devidas Sajnani and his associates we can sense involvement of political persons.

Temple Rose Group of Companies (TRG) was not only involved in Real Estate or plotting scams it had also planned Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scheme in the name of wellness industry. Glossy brochures were printed. They were  promising income of whopping 1.63 crore only in 14 months to the agents .TRG had also advertised wellness products like pills etc.

This is the list of properties of directors of Tempe Rose Group and their associate. small investors got nothing but directors created amazing land bank needs to seized by Authorities

TRREPL is not a small scam; thousands of investors have been duped by them. In Pingori ‘Rose City’ project itself more than 4000 investors had invested 5200 plots. They have 42 such schemes all over Maharashtra and more than 1300 hundred agents. With this number one can imagine number of investors and money involved in this scam. Out of 4000 investors of “Rose City “Pingori  project  more than 1000 are from defence establishments, large number of them are NRIs  and hence cannot file a complaint or depose before investigation Officer. That is the reason why only 200 complaints have been filed in EoW pune and few in Mumbai. Nobody from 42 other projects has come forward to lodge a complaint. And none of these investors in all these schemes have received any plot or their money back.

As the cases against TRREPL have been filed under Maharashtra Protection of interest of depositors Act ( MPID) also. Under this act authorities can seize, sell and compensate investors. But to happen those authorities have to recover proceeds of crime. Out of 1300 TRREPL agents some have received amount of more than one crore rupees. To avoid police custody some agents have shown willingness to deposit money received in this scam with police or court. However his number is very less. From others this money has to be recovered . Some of them have diverted these amounts to buy other properties or things. As per act these properties also have to be seized. And hence it is difficult for EoW Pune or Mumbai only to investigate and seize all the properties of TRREPL directors, agents and its associates. Considering these facts government needs to constitute Special Investigation Team ( SIT) or hand this case over to central Bureau of Investigation.

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