Sunday, August 24, 2014

Number of fools who want to get cheated is multi million times more than the actual cheaters in Ponzi Investment schemes

Why Ponzi schemes flourish?, Why so called Investors don’t learn lesson from earlier frauds?. It is not the case that promoters of such schemes are clever or intelligent. Actual reason for that must be the number of fools who want to get cheated is multi million times more than the actual cheaters.

People always fall in love of investment offers of plantation schemes, Calm, Private, Luxurious and yet open Farm house plots with Sunrise / sunset point, Swimming pool, Landscape garden, Exclusive Developed demarcated plots with Boundary Fencing, forest walks along the periphery etc. etc.

Promoters of such scheme are always incest. They only cheat or appoint and encourage such agents who can cheat near and dear once. They keep changing their business names frequently. Yesterday what was “x” county next day it becomes “y” county. And what they promised in earlier scheme may not be the same in latest scheme. For example suppose they promised you non agriculture plot residential plot on same property may sale it today as agriculture land ideal for plantation scheme.

Since last some years such schemes are on its high in and around pune. Unfortunately now a day promoters of such schemes some times find government officials to rope in it. Actually as per law no public servant can promote and advertise such schemes but when so called investors see public servant talking nice about any scheme they assume that scheme is legal one.

Currently there is ban on collective investment schemes hence these people don’t name it as investment scheme but all the things in there promises lead to it only. Now  a days they promise you peace of land that doesn’t belong to them, they never tell you survey numbers until you invest initial amount. So such investors should take care of following things

1) Check credentials of promoters

2) See that what he had promised on same land earlier; Ask him why he changed the name of scheme? It is easy in these social media days.

3) There is ceiling on possessing agriculture land, If any body claims that some hundred acres agriculture land in his name, it sure that he is lying

4) You must be agriculturist if you want to purchase agriculture land. If promoter says he will make some “Jugad” to prove you agriculturist. Be sure that he has done everything by “ Jugad” in said scheme

5) Unless promoter shows exact survey nos don’t believe in him. If he says he will tell survey no after investing something then is surely there is something fishy.

6) Don’t invest any paisa before knowing exact status of land i.e. hill top, hill slope, agriculture land, N. A plot or anything. There is no such thing like proposed N.A. land is either N.A or agriculture.

7) check ready reckoner rates of lands in and around Pune here - http://igrmaharashtra.gov.in:8080/eASRCommon.aspx?hDistName=Pune.Normaly they charge 50 times more than actual rate, check whether the money you are spending  is worth.

8) See how much is difference in ready reckoner rate and sales price and think whether it is justified ?

7) Always remember Malin and Katraj before investing any thing on hill top hill slope.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Satish shetty murder case, Why CBI filed closure report?

In its closure report submitted to Vadgaon Maval court in Satish Shetty murder case CBI had claimed that the motive behind murder has not established beyond reasonable doubt. However, Earlier in i.e on 8 august 2014 CBI in its case in Bombay high court, as a petitioner CBI had submitted that Shetty was murdered after he had unearthed the scam in respect of land, which was acquired by the State Government for constructing Pune Express Highway from the farmers, but, the said land was purchased by certain private limited companies, who entered into postdated transaction. The CBI had also submitted that Shetty was murdered since he had unearthed this land scam and asked for direction to re-investigate the crime which has arisen out of the said scam or transaction.

That means CBI knew the motive behind Shetty’s murder. Then what are those circumstances that suddenly it took “U” turn and said that motive has not been established .If CBI wants to close the murder case then what is point in reinvestigating the complaints filed by Satish Shetty in land dealing scams?. CBI could have done that also by keeping murder case open.

CBI has given following difficulties to prima facie prove charges against the accused persons:

1.            No prosecutable definite evidence arrived at so far. There is no evidence which can prove beyond reasonable doubt that this particular accused killed the deceased.

2.            The deceased was having many enemies. None of the enemies could be tangibly co-related and connected. The deceased had applied for police protection for his life but had not mentioned anybody by name,

3         Telephonic conversations are not recorded conversations and it will not be helpful for the prosecution.

4.            Polygraph test is not a confirmatory test and not a substantive piece of evidence hence absolute reliance cannot be placed on it.

5.            There is no direct evidence against Sh.Virendra Dattatreya Mhaiskar (A-10).

6.            There is no cogent evidence to prove the action of abetment and therefore the case is on weak foundations.

7.            The available evidence is mostly circumstantial but there are missing links in the chain of evidence.

S.           The main eye witness Smt. Vandana Murhe is silent on the most vital issue. This is the biggest hurdle in the case.

9.            No direct or circumstantial evidence has come to fore indicating prima fade that the murder of the deceased was the handiwork of any of the suspects. The real assailant had not yet been identified or traced.

10.          There is no positive evidence either direct or circumstantial as admissible in law to identify the actual person who murdered the deceased

11.      The motive has also not established beyond reasonable doubt

12.       Weapon of offence had not been recovered
Page 1 of Bombay High Court

Page 2 of Bombay High Court

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

After Malin Tragedy , who is next?

After Malin Tragedy residents living in hilly area are scared .They fear that haphazard and illegal cutting of hilltop/hill slopes may cause Malin like incidence in their their villages. Visit to such areas prove that vast number of illegal excavation, hill cutting, unauthorized development is going on in and around pune. Large number of hills, mountains and lands are being excavated without any necessary permission.

In Mugawade near Paud in Mulshi tehsil of Pune district,  sahyadri hill is being excavated by mine blasting since last some years.

Hill is being excavated

You can Imagine scale of excavation

It is not case that citizens have not complained about such activities to the administration. As far as Mugawade is concerned here is what former sarapanch of the village has to say about it. Earlier there was also lands slide here; crop was destroyed however developer managed the things with help of money and muscle power.

Sahyadri hill is pride of India, it is also UNESCO world heritage site,  it is one of eight hottest hotsopts of biological diversity in the world . it belongs to history of Maharashtra and Shivaji maharaj. This is not the only site being excavated there are several other such sites. However now a days Land mafias hand in gloves with administration have obtained full control over some part of this heritage hill.

  There is  illegal excavation , hill cutting , indiscriminate tree cutting going on this part of the hill. Land mafias are developing so called proposed N.A plots, farmhouse plots, bungalow plots, and private hill stations causing lot of nuisance to environment. Citizens keep complaining but administration does not pay the attention to it, because either they are party to or partner in such illegal developments. None of these developers have non agriculture ( N.A) permissions even then work is going on in full swing.

It can not be said that every digging or excavation is illegal, but if these activities are legal why the district administration is hiding the information? What is the harm in disseminating information about how many of those are legal? Have they taken all the necessary permissions or not ? etc . Actually all this information must be on website.  All such permissions and extensions to them fall u/s 4 of RTI Act and administration is bound to disseminate such information. However administration doesn’t do that,  because they want to help land mafias.

 If administration doesn’t take necessary steps immediately to stop such illegal development and disclose information related to N.A and other necessary permissions, they ( administrators) and  purchasers of such properties should be held responsible for any mishap in future.
The scale of excavation

Can this type of cosmetic efforts help arrest landslide? You can easily see the compound to stop landslid and below it is part of hiil that can slide anytime. This is second home of so called intellectuals  on privately owned Hill station

Is this love for nature or rape on environment?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Malin residents, Victim of Criminalization of Government

More than 82 dead bodies have been found in the tragic incident occurred at Malin in Ambegaon taluka and the many more people are expected to have died. The exact reasons of this incident will come forward at appropriate time but there is scope to say that the basic structure of the hill was disturbed because of leveling of the hill and this tragedy took place.

Of course, this has not taken place in a day or two. This process was going on for years.. Now many reasons will be offered for the leveling of the land. It is a different matter whether those reasons are justifiable, moral or immoral or how. However, it cannot be denied that these same reasons caused this tragedy. Whether you play with nature knowingly or unknowingly, it will have adverse effects without fail.

Tribal villages like Ambegaon, Vachape, Kalambai, Phulwade, Borghar, Malin, Adivare, Panchale, Asane, Kokanewadi, Koltawade, Bendharwadi, Patan, Mahalunge, Kushire Budruk, Kushire Khurd, Sakeri, Pimpri etc. were submerged under the  water of Dimbhe dam from the tribal belt of Ambegaon taluka. Since the farmers' lands in these villages were submerged under the dam water, thousands of families were left unemployed and became unsupported permanently. The age-old occupation of these people was to collect the medicinal plants and sell them. As it fails to support them, many families work as laborers for some part of the year. Because of the displacement of various types of the Dimbhe dam, the situation of these people became all the more distressful. It is a custom to do physically demanding tasks in this remote part collectively, which is called padkai. However, it would not be inept to say that the administration dealt blow to this tradition and paved the way for this accident.

The announcement was made in the winter session of legislature in 2010 that a new head was created for the implementation of padkai program in the Ambegaon taluka of Pune district and a fund of Rs 38 crore was reserved for the same. It was proved later that this decision was politically motivated and to garner tribal votes in a bunch. The tribals never play with nature. Hence, had some works were carried through padkai and collectively, then perhaps this tragedy would not have occurred. However, the government yielded to the pocklane lobby's pressure and did not recommended the padkai program as the pilot project of Maharashtra for the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. Hence, the road was paved to flatten the land with pocklane machines rather than physical collective effort.

Pune district has seen the tragic incidents because of cutting and leveling the hill top and hill slope in the past few years. The government pretended to take some measures after many people become victim in such incidents. In 2011 Flying squads were appointed to stop encroachments on the hills, to take action against them and stop digging up of hills. However, what these squads did, whether they stopped them or helped them remained shrouded in mystery. It was never heard that any action was taken because of these squads. On the contrary, such acts are seen to have increased after the creation of such squads.

Especially after 2004-05, the incidents of playing with hills and hillocks, riverbed increased in the Pune district. Thereafter, many builders made up crores of square feet land by digging hills and hillocks. Blasts were made literally day and night for this. Actually, the law does not allow digging up the hills this way. However, many businesspersons created land through such measures and even sold them. During the same time, Katraj hill was dug up; hills in Warje, Baner and Bavdhan were encroached. Sahyadri hill was dug up at Mugawade near Paud. Literally thousands of kilos of explosives were used for this. Once even there was a landslide there but since there was no loss of life, the villagers were made to shut up. But the illegal hill digging did not stop. As a result, the risk persists for one or another time. The nature perhaps would not allow raising voice of the citizens who were forced to shut up once. Hence, the time has come for the people here to ponder whether to remain muted and wait for the inevitable to happen or raise voice against it.

The experience in Pune district is such that the administration does not abandon its poise howsoever the citizens complain against such acts. The administration roared that tehsildar and divisional officer would be held responsible for such acts after citizens complained. But nothing happened next. For the record, the administration creates a “Kishan Rathod” of someone after such an incident happens. This does not mean that Kishan Rathods have no blame to share. They are guilty, but the officers and politicians who help such Rathods in their crimes, guilt and illegal acts are even guiltier than them. They do not face any punishment. Because they are the ones who commit crime, investigate it and then decide on it. Taking stock of the illegal digging of the hills and hillocks in Pune district and illegal constructions in the riverbed, leaders from political parties and senior officers are found to have maximum participation in it.

Sahdyadri hill near Mugawade was intact in 2009. This area is included in the Madhav Gadgil report on Western Ghats.

The same hill is in this condition after it was dug up.But government officers and flying squads never saw the condition of Sahdyadri hill after its digging.

The officers do not even now see the privately owned jetty in the riverbed at Ghotavade in Pune.

The place in the riverbed at Ghotavade in Pune was like this in 2009

And the above place was like this originally.