Monday, March 31, 2014

Is Election Commission Of India really unbiased ?

Many Public authorities in India have adopted online grievance redressal mechanism. Election Commission of India(ECI) is also amongst them. ECI is responsible for administering all the electoral processes in India. It supposed that under the supervision of the commission, free and fair elections are held. However when it comes to redressal of complaints or grievance, I doubt whether ECI is really unbiased or how? .There is reason why I doubt election commissions procedure.

On 4th march 2014 I lodged online complaint with election commission of India. Promptly they sent me acknowledgement. Redressal time given to  my complaint was 10 days. However even after 25 days ECI has not taken any decision on my complaint. If there is no substance in complaint they should have disposed it off with reasons. What is point in keeping the complaint hanging? Why 10 days response time was given to me and what happened to it? I had lodged complaint against Pune Divisional commissioner Prabhakar Deshmukh. He has very strongpolitical backing and can easily manipulate the election procedure.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Is this same Vijay Dhumal calling me,who gave life threats to noted RTI activist Shivaji Raut ?

Yesterday there was a miss call on my mobile. I normally don’t make return calls unless I confirm the number. When searched I found that the call was from one Vijay Dhumal from pune. It suddenly struck to my mind that this may or may not be thesame vijay dhumal against whom noted RTI activist Shivaji  Raut had complained to chief minister, homeminister and police dept. Vijay Dhumal's number who called Shivaji Raut was 9822275473 . Internet search shows this number is of Vijarao Dhumal  from pune .I am not mentioning the number from which the person made me call because I am not sure whether the person who called me was same who called Shivaji Raut or not .And to avoid further consequences I don’t want to make return call.

I am not scared, panic or I don’t want the police protection, however I am sharing this with readers just for information.

Friday, March 28, 2014

SIC Pune asks to put entire information on website sought by deceased RTI applicant Vilas Baravkar

State information commission, Pune bench has asked concerned departments to publish all the information sought by RTI applicant late Vilas baravkar, who committed suicide day before yesterday. In its letter to suptd of police (rural) Pune, Suptd of police - Riagad, D G police - Mumbai, collector pune and CEO Zillah parishad - pune, SIC pune Mr.Ravindra Jadhav has asked concerned PIO’s to put the entire information sough by baravkar on their website. The SIC has   provided all the departments list of baravkars pending and disposed appeals. SIC has also asked PIO’s to put all the information on website that is already provided to him.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Vilas Baravkar an RTI applicant from pune commits suicide

Today an RTI applicant Vilas Dattatray Barawkar from Pune districtcommitted suicide. In his suicide note he has written several names. At this stage it is very difficult to comment anything on this issue, however as most of his applications were regarding functioning of police department. Irrespective of the authenticity of allegations it would not be proper for pune rural police to investigate the matter .Today I brought some of baravakars RTI applications from state Information commission, Pune bench . Perusal of which indicates that some of the information he asked may be vague but most of this information falls under section 4 of RTI act. Have look at his applications

Friday, March 21, 2014

Prabhakar Deshmukh case , Are IAS officers above law ?

Are IAS officers above law. Take example of Mr.Prabhakar Deshmukh. Anti Corruption bureau has asked for permission for public inquiry against him, however government of Maharashtra hasn’t given it so far.There are many allegations of corruption, favouritism and violation of service rules against Mr. Prabhakar Deshmukh (IAS), presently Divisional Commissioner of Pune, Maharashtra. He is a very influential officer in Maharashtra. In his entire tenure, he has hardly been posted out of Pune Division and since last more than ten years he has been posted in Pune only. He has worked as Sub Divisional Officer – Baramati Dist. Pune, Private secretary to leader of Opposition, Deputy CEO MIDC Mumbai, CEO Ziila Parishad, Kolhapur. In Pune Division, his postings include Collector Pune and Agriculture Commissioner Maharashtra, Pune.

Although there are several allegations against Mr. Prabhakar Deshmukh, I am citing only those cases for which there is concrete documentary evidence. There is violation of All India Services (Conduct)Rules especially Sections 9, 11, 13, 14 and 16, Maharashtra Agriculture Land CeilingAct and the nature of these acts is unbecoming of an IAS Officer.

1) Mundhwa
a) Mrs Anuradha Deshmukh, wife of Mr. Prabhakar Deshmukh in October 2006, purchased a plot in Mundhwa area of Pune admeasuring 593 Sq. m. from a real estate management company named Abhay Property Management Pvt Ltd, at a cost of . 4,75,000/-, almost 75% less than the ready reckoner cost, which was . 16,04,008/-. Normally, such transactions are always at prices that are more than the ready reckoner price-Annexure 1.
b) Mrs Anuradha Deshmukh signed an agreement regarding the property mentioned in a) above for a project floated as Eastern Ranges by Phadnis Properties. The cost of the above-mentioned property escalated to . 60,28,366/- from . 4,75,000/-. The ready reckoner price had come to . 4144500/- Annexure2.Mrs Deshmukh has been signing other documents in the name of Phadnis Properties. This is evident because she also had a development agreement with Phadnis Properties. Annexure 3

2) Mrs Deshmukh has purchased agriculture land at Wakhari in Daund Tehsil of Pune district. Here too, she purchased a property of which ready reckoner rate was  . 36,40,000/- (Thirty Six Lakhs Forty Thousand) at a cost of . 12,26,000/-  (Twelve Lakhs Twenty Six Thousand) from poor farmers- Annexure4 . If you go in to details, you will not find the farmers’ correct address-Annexure 5.

3) In 2006,  Mrs Deshmukh’s father purchased an agriculture land admeasuring 1H 23R at only . 80,00,00/ - (Eight  Lakhs) in lawale area near pune -Annexure 6. The father then generously gifted the land to Mrs Deshmukh. On the setting up of the Integrated Township Project, Mrs Deshmukh sold this plot at an unknown price. However, the cost of this land shown in the immovable property return (IPR) of Mr. Deshmukh is . 95 lakhs-Annexure 7.

4) Setting aside all rules, Pune Divisional Commissioner Mr. Prabhakar Deshmukh has purchased around 300 acres of land worth crores of rupees in Jambhe village in Satara district. He has purchased the land in the names of close relatives and friends. As per agreement, the wife and son of Mr. Deshmukh own 14 H 68 R land each at Jambhe Village (Toal around 74 acres) -Annexure 8. Additionally, the lands owned by Mrs Deshmukh are not shown in Mr. Deshmukh’s latest IPR for reasons best known to him.No family unit can hold agriculture land more than 54 acre in Maharashtra, Mr.Deshmukh has flouted this rule in this case ,forget about ancestral and lands already purchased.

This scam throws light on shocking facts, one Satish Bhimsen Agarwal initially sold 300 acres of land to Suryajirao Patankar at a minimal cost of . 80,400 on 15 November 2008. The was thus sold at just Paisa 68 per square meter or Paisa Seven per square foot. The question how village community land was transferred on Agarwal’s name remains unanswered. Then on 15 October 2010, this Mr. Suryajirao Patankar sold the said land to then Divisional Commissioner Prabhakar Deshmukh's wife, Smt. Anuradha Deshmukh, son Mayuraj Deshmukh and others namely, Krishnaji Deshmukh, Yugaraj Chunnilala Kavedia, Umesh Yugaraj Kavedia, Risha Ramesh Kavedia,  Savita Ramesh Kavedia.

This vicious circle of misdeeds does not stop here. The land purchased  at a minimal price was converted to Non Agriculture (N.A) status within ten days. On January 18, 2013, Ramesh Yugaraj Kavediya applied for transferring the agriculture land into non-agriculture land. Interestingly, within ten days i.e. on January 28, 2013 the official transfer process was over. Permission was granted for industrial purpose by converting the agriculture land to N.A. There were some terms and conditions imposed while granting N.A status. When top bureaucrats are involved, then is there any need of following the laws of the land?.

There was one condition in N. A . permission “without written permission of the officer who granted said N.A. permission, said land or part of the land will not be sub divided and land should not be used for the purpose other than the permission granted. However, on this 300-acres land, 'Sidhivinayak Eco Power Project’ is coming up and the plot selling process has already commenced. As per the scheme, the “first 100 lucky buyers” will get 21,000 sq. ft plot for ₹.21 lakh. The price set for the further buyers is not known. This shows that the land that was purchased for just  160 paisa per square feet will now be sold at a price of .100s per square feet or more. There is no business that gives such phenomenal returns within a period of one or two years. The land, which was purchased at just . 2 crores will now generate . 127 crores just by sale of land only. The recurring income from selling power is another benefit.  The suspicious land deeds raises several unanswered questions like:

a)        The antecedents of Satish Bhimsen Agarwal need to be investigated. Till 2009, land seems to be village community land, then how was the ownership of the land transferred in the name of Agarwal?
b)        As per the Rehabilitation Act, there is prohibition to transfer land, then how was this land transfer effected?
c)         If the land is village community land, then nobody including the government authority can disburse or change the land-use. There are several  Supreme Court citations that safeguard village community land.
d)        There are several blunders in Index II as shown.
e)        Under what authority was permission to subdivide the land taken and by whom?
f)         As per ready reckoner, the rate of agriculture land at Jambhe village, was approximately . 5.20 lakh per Hector and N.A.  rate was . 340 per sq. ft. As per this rate, the cost of this land comes to . 6 crores if considered agriculture and . 41 crores if considered N.A. The why was this land sold at just . 2 crore? Is it because Divisional Commissioner’s relatives were involved it? This is a clear case of conflict of interest and corruption at its worst.

5) Mr. Deshmukh himself, wife Anuradha, son Mayuraj and daughter Harshada purchased land at Nanded Township in Pune city-Annexures 9, 1011 and here also a huge integrated township has come up and all purchasers have signed joint venture agreement with the developer.

7) One Sindhu Naik-Nimbalkar gifted two plots at Akluj in Solapur district in September 2010 admeasuring 311.40 sq.mt and 290.4 sq. m. (In IPR only one plot is shown) to Mr. Deshmukh’s son Mayuraj and in April 2011, he sold these plots for . 35 lakhs.

8) Mr. Deshmukh’s family has floated three companies. None find a mention in his IPR. These companies are a) ORNATE GRAPHICS PRIVATE LIMITED, 11, PUSHPANJALI APTS., 20/100 GIDNEY PARK, SALISBURY PARK, PUNE  b) KERNEL ORNATE PRIVATE LIMITED, 11, PUSHPANJALI APTS., 20/100 GIDNEY PARK, SALISBURY PARK,PUNE c) DRREAM SOCIAL FOUNDATION, SADAMANGAL CO-OP HSG SOC, S. NO. 103, FLAT NO 10, BLDG NO 3, SHASTRI NAGAR, YERAWADA. One of these companies has purchased about 5000 sq. ft. commercial office in Magarpatta city, a huge and prime township in Pune- Annexure12. Obviously, not shown in IPR

9) Mrs Deshmukh is director in a company named Subodh Industries Private Ltd, 11, PUSHPANJALI APTS., 20/100 GIDNEY PARK, SALISBURY PARK, PUNE since 2004. This Company possesses many immovable properties. This too is not mentioned in IPR of Mr. Deshmukh.

10) Many companies are registered at 11, PUSHPANJALI APTS., 20/100 GIDNEY PARK, SALISBURY PARK, PUNE. In some of these companies Mrs. Deshmukh or Mr. Deshmukh’s   relatives are directors. Moreover most of the directors of these companies have purchased huge immovable properties in prime locations of Pune.

11) In Ornate Graphics Pvt Ltd, there was one Director named Sangram Zunjarrao Deshmukh- Annexure13. This gentleman is also a director in Anupriya Sugar Pvt  Ltd,In Anupriya Sugar, there is another Director Sangram Khanajirao Jadhav- Annexure 14. Mr. Jadhav has sold land in Nanded city to Mr. Prabhakar Deshmukh-Annexure 11.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If investigated poperly, one will find more and more such misdeeds. I have already lodged complaint with Government of Maharashtra and Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC)  . MP Mr Kirit Somaiya has lodged a complaint with Anti Corruption Bureau of Maharashtra. It is also said that ACB has asked sanction for public inquiry in this case. However, the Government of Maharashtra has not given such permission

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What Is logic behind appointments and giving additional charge to SIC's ?

No one can  understand logic behind giving SIC pune bench additional charge to amaravati divisional commissioner Ravindra J Jadhav. It was easy to handle pune bench for brihanmumbai or konkan commissioner,even then they will handle single charge, while ravindra jadhav will handle charge all the way from Amaravati.More over the information regarding this is only in Contact details of SIC, No circular or order regarding this is on SIC website.This not being done for benefit of pune bench.

In last month only pune bench additional charge was given to Aurangabad bench commissioner D.B.Deshpande.He has been now given additional charge of Nagpur bench while it was comparatively easy to handle pune bench for Aurangabad commissioner and Nagpur bench for amaravati commissioner.In the nutshell it is clear that  all this exercise is  being done surely to please some one very High Profile and not for benefit of  Right to Information Act.

Last month the state government had made appointments on three posts of information commissioners in Maharashtra, which were lying vacant for more many months. Ajit Kumar Jain, former Additional Chief Secretary; Ravindra Jadhav, former Secretary of ex-President Pratibha Patil; and Thanksy Thekkekara, former Additional Chief Secretary were appointed as new information commissioners.

The fourth appointment of was of Vasant Patil, superintendent engineer of Tapi Irrigation Development Corporation,but he did not take oath  as the tenure of his current post was  scheduled to end by March. However now the news from corridors of mantralaya is, his resignation has been accepted and any time in next few days he will take oath as a state information commissioner.

Shri Ratnakar Gaikwad
Chief Information Commissioner
State Information Commission
13th Floor, New Administrative Building,
Mantralaya, Mumbai 400032.
022 22856078
Shri D.B. Deshpande
State Information Commissioner, Aurangabad
State Information Commission,
Small saving Building,
Behind Treasury Office, Aurangabad.
0240 2352133 / 2352544
Shri M.H. Shaha
State Information Commissioner, Pune
Maharashtra Information Commission
New Administration Building, 4th Floor,
Opp. Council Hall, Pune.
020 26050580
Shri Ravindra J. Jadhav
State Information Commissioner(Additional Charge), Pune
State Information Commission
New Administration Building, 4th Floor,
Opp. Council Hall, Pune.
020 26050580
Smt. T. F. Thekkekara
State Information Commissioner, Konkan
State Information Commission
5th Floor, Konkan Bhavan,
C.B.D. Belapur, Navi Mumbai.
022 27570323/27579463/64
Shri Ajitkumar Jain
State Information Commissioner, Greater Mumbai
State Information Commission
Greater Mumbai, 13th Floor,
New Administration Building, Mantralay, Mumbai.
022 222040086 / 22040095
Shri Ravindra J. Jadhav
State Information Commissioner, Amravati
State Information Commission
Bhatkuli Tahsil Office, Camp,
Amravati 444602.
0721/2553172 / 0721/2553173
Shri P. W. Patil
State Information Commissioner, Nashik
State Information Commission
Shivneri, 2nd Floor, Govt. Guest House,
Behind Golf Club, Nashik.
0253 2232764
Shri D.B. Deshpande
State Information Commissioner(Additional Charge), Nagpur
State Information Commission
Administrative Building No.2, Civil Lines,