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Friday, July 13, 2018

Scammers want to enjoy ‘Roger Lifestyle’ with public money !

Scammers like Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi are known for their luxurious lifestyle. More than their business they are known for luxurious bungalows, villa’s, costly Cars, page 3 culture

However, they enjoy such a lifestyle with public money. 

It is not the case that all the business personals including builders and others involved in many other businesses are scammers or cheaters.

The businesses personal that enjoy their lifestyle with their own hard earned money nobody will complain about them.

However, there are some criminals who pretend themselves as businessmen, builders or Investment bankers. Under the garb of business, they cheat gullible investors and banks. 

Scammers in Pune are also not far behind. They have learnt the ideal of cheating public.

Some of these cheaters are already behind bars and others are on the waiting list!

When I first heard of ‘Roger lifestyle’ of some of the Pune builders, I couldn’t get it properly. 

Pune builder's are fond of such lifestyle
Roger Federer's Glass Villa

Then I tried to search that word even then I didn’t find anything much useful.

However, in all this exercise I came to know about world-famous tennis player Roger Federer’s lifestyle, his luxurious cars, private jet, glass house etc.

Builders want such lifestyle at he cost of public money

Roger Federer's Private jet

No doubt Roger Federer enjoys the super luxurious lifestyle, but he has earned on that through his hard work. He is currently ranked world No. 2 in men's singles tennis by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), he has won 20 Grand Slam singles titles. 

Roger Federer's 70 crore rupee glass mansion on the shores of Lake Zurich in Switzerland, His private jet, his collection of luxurious cars.

Roger Federer enjoys his lifestyle with his hard-earned own money. 

However, criminals enjoy Roger lifestyle with common people’s money. And that is the real cause of concern.

DSK Dancing at FD holder's meet
DSK Jallosh

One such builder, whose behaviour after selling the flats is appalling. Had promised possession in 2 years took 8 arduous long years to build. All public spaces swimming pool clubhouse is locked with no access for residents, staircase, lift owned by the builder, terrace sold to outsiders.

This builder calls himself santhanik  (chief of princely state) of Pune. 

This person when travelling with fellow builders flies in a class higher than the super luxurious class. Enjoy presidential suites in luxurious hotels.

Sajnani used to throw parties at the cost of public money

Devidas Sajnani of Temple Rose In a party

Another builder stunned with the police action on D S Kulkarni one builder has started returning investors’ money slowly. He had also tried to help D S Kulkarni recently.T his builder who has been cheated various investors is famous for his diamond-studded watches and luxurious farmhouse.

One another such controversial builder in Pune is known for his super luxurious office.

Since last 10 years, he is advertising the same schemes under the completion stage.

Among other luxurious things, he is known for his world-class automatic personal toilet. Sensor operated touchless toilet seat. Without touching, the lid cover lifts up automatically when one approaches it. 

He even advertises it as his status symbol.

Shirish was in love of  luxurious Bikes and Cars

Shirish Kulkarni

D S Kulkarni and his entire family are in judicial custody. But people know how D S Kulkarni used to fly fursungi from chatushringi in the helicopter. His son’s flat in trump tower and love for bikes and cars are not hidden things.

Another builder and long-time associate of D S Kulkarni , Vinay Phadnis is also in judicial custody for yet another investment scam. He was also known for luxurious cars.  

Yet another scammer in Temple Rose plotting scam, Devidas Sajnani is behind the bars since last one year. He was known for foreign tours. He used to throw parties regularly for pity reasons.

It is now peoples turn to teach such a lesson to scammers so that they will never think of using others money for personal enjoyment!

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