Friday, June 23, 2017

IT Professionals; Soft Target of Real Estate Mafia

Vietnamese Buddhist monk and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh  says “In the past there were people who were not rich but contented with their living style, laughing and happy all day. But when the new rich people appear, people look at them and ask, 'why don't I have a life like that too, a beautiful house, car and garden, and they abandon their values” . Recently I got a call from IT Professional. He wanted to buy a piece of land, the plot has got permission from Godown NA. He wanted  to build a house. Even after knowing that what he was doing was illegal , he was ready build a house there just because he  has lot of money to waste.I won’t say that all the new rich people have abandoned their values. But most of those do have. In this class IT professionals number is slightly high.

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Though not legal but we can understand if someone who doesn’t have a home to live, builds a illegal construction or lives in slums. But when the people who call  themselves to be educated, if they buy illegal flats or plots, as mere luxury or investing?  then what to say?. Just because of such so called investors or buyers most of the laws like ceiling on agriculture land holdings, prevention of subdivision of agriculture land, environment law  etc. are being blatantly violated  in the Maharashtra.

In the past few  years in Pune and surrounding  many big projects, townships have emerged. However  hardly any of these projects have followed all the  legal requirements.Project proponents hardly give any information to potential buyers unless they invest  something. Even they don't share survey numbers with buyers and these buyers also pay initial amount without verifying authenticity of the  the property.

For the past few years,Maval and  Mulshi talukas of Pune District  talukas have become a major attraction in the field of land dealings. In the name of proposed  Non-Agriculture  Plots, Proposed Townships, proposed housing  project  the Mafia had started to fool the so-called investors. They do all illegal activities hand in glove with public authorities.

In past few years  the business  related to Information Technology has flourished in Pune. And as the income of the employees in this business is slightly high, a separate class of investors has cropped up.  As  this new class  is  related to information technology and for many other reasons, they visit advanced countries. While buying flat or plot in India they compare the situation with the developed countries.They start dreaming same scenario here. 

As the Mawal and  Mulshi Talukas received a boon of nature. Naturally the land mafia cashed the opportunity. They started showing same dreams to these investors.And thereafter where use of simple spade was banned by legislation , the plush projects started to come up. These Mafia didn’t care about any law at all. From then on Bungalow, flats and plotting schemes on  luxury or scenic places began to rise.However most of the tmes these luxury or scenic places are on paper only.

As this new class of  investors was easily huntable. Mafia  look at it a soft target. Not only that, this class is always ready to get hunted  itself by Mafas. This class do not bother to see if any law of this country is being violated  or how. Even if someone brings it to there notice they easily  say ‘India mein to yeh sab chalata hai”. That is the reason why large number of IT professionals have also invested in the Templar Daily Real Estate Pvt Ltd. which has  cheated thousands of investors in Mumbai and Pune by running the fraudulent investment plans like ‘BuyBack’or “double your money”. 

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