Sunday, April 27, 2014

How did Public authority send a document to late RTI activist Vilas Baravkar via facility that was already withdrawn ?

Few days back RTI activist Vilas Baravkar committed suicide. He had left a suicide note naming some politicians and Bureaucrats. After this incident on 26/03/2014 state information Commission, Pune bench had ordered District collector, Pune police , Inspector general of Police and zilla Parishad to place all the information Shree. Barawakr had asked on their websites.Only pune collector has followed SIC orders and put some information on its website. However this information is incomplete and vague. In such cases every Public authority is supposed to put all the information including deceased activist’s applications, appeals, information provided to him and all the related correspondence on website. ( off course subject to other sections of RTI act).However it is not done so.

At this stage I don’t want to blame anybody, However one document in this information reflects that at the end of March 2011 concerned office had sent it to shree Baravkar by Under certificate of posting ( U.C.P Or popularly known as U.P.C). Most important thing is on 31 January 2011 Department of posts and telegraphs had withdrawn this facility, then how come that office sent said document to Baravkar by U.P.C ?. It is serious .Hence I request both of you to conduct thorough inquiry in this matter and see that all the information Mr . Baravkar had asked made public. Under section 18 of RTI act you have ample powers for summoning and enforcing the attendance of persons and compel them to give oral or written evidence on oath and to produce the documents or things, requiring the discovery and inspection of documents, receiving evidence on affidavit, requisitioning any public record or copies thereof from any court or office, issuing summons for examination of witnesses or documents etc..  As well most of the information  Baravkar had asked falls under section 4 of the RTI act, hence please make sure that the officers who didn't comply section 4 get penalized.

काही दिवसांपूर्वी माहिती अधिकारी कार्यकर्ते विलास बारावकर यांनी आत्महत्या केली होती. आत्महत्ये पूर्वी त्यांनी स्टॉम्पपेपर वर सुसाईड नोट लिहून ठेवली होती.याप्रकरणी राज्य माहिती आयुक्त पुणे खंडपिठ यांनी २७/३/२०१४ रोजी जिल्हाधिकारी,पुणे पोलिस , जिल्हा परिषद, रायगड पोलिस यांना पत्र पाठवून विलास बारावकर यांनी मागीतलेली सर्व माहिती संकेतस्थळावर ठेवण्याचे आदेश संबधितांना दिले होते. पैकी जिल्हाधिकारी पुणे यांनी काही माहिती संकेतस्थळावर ठेवली आहे मात्र ती खूपच अपूरी आणि अस्पष्ट आहे. सर्व माहिती म्हणजे बारावकर यांनी केलेले सर्व अर्ज ,त्यांना देण्यात आलेली माहिती व संबधित सर्व पत्रव्यवहार संकेतस्थळावर ठेवायला हवा. परंतू तसे करण्यात आलेले नाही.

त्याचप्रमाणे एका ठिकाणी बारावकर यांना मार्च २०११ च्या अखेरीस By U.P.C अंडर पोस्टल सर्टिफिकेट द्वारे माहिती पाठविल्याचा उल्लेख आहे मात्र डाक विभागाने ३१ जानेवारी २०११ रोजी एका विशेष अध्यादेशाद्वारे ही सुविधा बंद केली होती. आत्ता या टप्यावर मला कोणावरही कोणतेही आरोप करायचे नाहीत . मात्र हा प्रकार गंभीर आहे .म्हणूनच आपण या प्रकरणाची स्वत:च्या स्तरावर आणि सत्वर चौकशी करून या प्रकरणातील सर्व माहिती संकेतस्थळावर ठेवली जाईल असे पहावे . या संदर्भात आवश्यकता पडल्यास संबधित यंत्रणांकडून सर्व दफ्तर मागविण्याचा अधिकार माहिती अधिकार अधिनियमानुसार आपणास आहेत. त्याचा वापर करावा हि विनंती.त्याचप्रमाणे बारावकरांनी मागीतलेली बहुतांश माहिती ही माहिती अधिकार अधिनियमातील कलम ४ नुसार संबधिअत प्राधिकरणांनी स्वयंप्रेरणेने प्रकट करावयाची माहिती आहे.त्यामूळे सदर प्रकारची सर्व माहिती संकेतस्थळावर १२ ऑक्टोबर २००५ रोजीच ठेवणे कायद्यानुसार बंधन कारक होते. त्याचे पालन न केल्याबद्दलही सर्व संबधितांवर कारवाई करावी हि विनंती.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Almost 25% voters names deleted from voters list in pune loksabha constituency

Its shocking that  4,23, 952  ( Four lakh twenty three thousand nine hundred and fifty two ) voters names have been deleted in year 2013 and 2014 alone i.e  almost 25% names from the pune loksabha constituencies are deleted and same number has been added in these one and half year only. Election commission says, they had provided the CD’s of deleted persons names to political parties, then why pune’s political parties kept mum on this shocking issue? And is the election a matter of concern only for  political parties and ECI?

Two days back, I had sent a letter to Election commission of India asking them to communicate relevant information to the voters. Election commission has put names of deleted voters from Maharashtra including pune and it’s reasons on website. Though I had requested to put all the forms i.e form 7 , 8 and other forms on website. Commission has only provided facility to search names of deleted persons. Voters can visit https://ceo.maharashtra.gov.in/ and search in  “ Deletion List PDFs    Year [2013]    Year [2014]” or , Search Deletion List.

Pune loksabha constituency, Total number of voters name deleted in 2013 -2014 is  4,23,952 ( four lakh twenty three thousand nine hundred and fifty two)

Total number of voters names deleted in year 2013 was 4,09,840( four lakh nine thousand eight hundred and fourty)

          Toatl Number of voters names deleted in 2014 was 14112 ( Fourteen thousand one hundred and twelwe ) https://ceo.maharashtra.gov.in/Search/SearchDeletedPDF.aspx

Assembly constituency wise Data of pune loksabha  constituency

Sr No
Assembly constituency
2013 deletion list
2014 deletion list
208 Vadgaon Sheri
209 Shivajinagar
210 Kothrud
212 Parvati
214 Pune cantonment
215 kasba peth


Friday, April 4, 2014

Politicians and bureaucrats in this country are busy in "criminalization of governance".

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