Right To Information Katta  (RTI kata)  is an open platform to discuss  citizens problems.  

Katta is India’s traditional culture, wherein like-minded people gather informally to chat in public places. 

Basic object of this RTI Katta is to empower common citizens. Any attendee here can ask questions, express 

opinions, discuss any issue related to RTI, but nobody here goes in to guides role. Everybody has to find solutions to their problems through discussions. 

RTI Katta is getting momentum, Now sometimes retired as well as working government servants also attend it. 

katta is held
every Sunday, at Chittaranjan Watika, Model colony, Shivajinar between 9.30 AM to 10.30 AM ( Contact Vijay Kumbhar – 99232991999)

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  1. Sir
    Wanted to know if you can help ppl who got cheated in a company called QNET.
    All the lower court rulings are against this company and matter is in supreme court now
    But the scam is very rampantly going on and lot of innocent ppl are losing their hard earned money.