Friday, July 14, 2017

Here is how they siphon of taxpayers' money in PMC

The video clips reproduced in this post expose the nexus of politicians and bureaucrats siphon off taxpayer’s money. Earlier they used to “manage” the tenders. But now they directly or indirectly take part in tendering process. Though this matter is related to Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), scenario all over India is no far different. In these clips an PMC employee can be seen confessing how they manage, prevent others from taking part in tendering process and how much money the officials of PMC got in other scams.

In this first clip the employee was talking about the money he had given to his senior officer Daundkar in recruitment and tendering scams. He had also confessed that reallocation of PMC funds of 30 crore rupees was proposed to give pending bills of security contracts. He alleged that Chief security officer Santosh Pawar and Daundkar would get 4 and 1.5 crores rupees from that fund. He had admitted that he also had security contract in PMC and would get 25 lakh rupees. Later on the state anti-corruption bureau (ACB), Pune arrested Santosh Pawar for demanding bribe of Rs10 lakhs from a security firm and accepting an 'installment of Rs4 lakhs. And that proved that this employee’s confession and allegations were true.

Basically reallocation on municipal funds is illegal thing. Unless there is an emergency municipal funds cannot be reallocated. There is vast increase in reallocation of municipal funds in last 4 -5 years. Last year the amount of reallocation had touched almost 400 crore rupees. Municipal commissioner is bound to prevent illegal reallocation of funds. However no commissioner has dared to stop illegal reallocation in PMC for the reasons best known to them only.

In PMC Contractors approach officers, Suggests the work that is not approved in regular municipal budget.  Officers then approve it and prepare estimates. Then some corporator suggests reallocation of funds to the standing committee. Then standing committee approves it. Then so called tender process is followed and surprisingly same contractor gets the work. At every stage of this process everybody’s share has been fixed. If any other contractors try to get the contract,  the employees and office bearers of PMC harass them. And that is the reason; in every department of PMC same 4 to 5 contractors repeatedly get the work.

In this second clip you can see the same employee is batting for his another tender in PMC’s Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar hostel. He was calling it “My Tender”. In November 2015, the PMC had called a tender to provide meals to students wherein they had shortlisted three contractors — Sai Pro Food, Malhar Catering Services and Shri Sangameshwar Catering and Services. They had quoted different prices. Sai Pro had quoted Rs 2,990 per student, whereas Malhar Catering Services and Shri Sangameshwar Catering pitched their monthly fees at Rs 4,000 and Rs 4,100 per student respectively. Bodke pressured him to delegate the contract to Malhar Catering Service despite him quoting the highest rate. He had also ordered Banaker to disqualify Sai Pro from the tendering process as they had quoted a lower amount. (Audio clips of this case are reproduced at the bottom of this post) 

In this clip the employee also explains how much money the officers and office bearers’ of PMC school board received in teacher’s transfers scam. They had collected 4 lakh rupees each from 28 teachers. Two officers got 15 lakh rupees each and the members of the school board got 5 lakh rupees each. In this matter  then president of PMC education board Pradeep alias Baba Dhumal, former president and member Ravi Choudhary, clerk Santosh Memane and middleman Bhausaheb Bhapkar were arrested by ACB.A teacher from zilla parishad school in Ahmednagar district had applied for an inter-district transfer to a PMC school. The municipal commissioner had signed the order, but the accused had asked for a bribe to hand it over to the teacher. 

Though the municipal commissioner kunal Kumar has assured inquiry in this matter, there are hardly any chances of any action or penalty. Because this is not new case, already complaints in this case have been filed with him a year before. However there is no progress till today.

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