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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Slovenia amended the constitution to protect 21st-century liquid Gold, Water is the fundamental right of the citizens!

Slovenia, the small country in the European Union has incorporated water into the Constitution as the basic right of all. Two years ago, the Parliament of the country amended the Constitution, saying ‘the country's abundant availability of 'water is a public goods under a country's system and not a product of market' country's abundant clean supply are 'a public good managed by the state' and 'not a market commodity’. Slovenia has the basic right to all citizens of drinking water in the Constitution and to stop its commercialization. This resolution was accepted by a number of 64 against the number of 0. The then prime minister, Miro Cerar, had urged lawmakers to pass the bill saying the country of two million people should “protect water – the 21st century’s liquid gold – at the highest legal level”

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A couple who come s to me for some guidance on their work. Wife is Indian and the husband is Slovenian. According to them one reputation in Slovenia is of immense importance. This couple has travelled almost across the world. After that, they decided to do something good in India and came. According to the girl, she received a lot of honour in her husband's country.

“Article 70a

(Right to Drinking Water)
Everyone has the right to drinking water.

Water resources shall be a public good managed by the state.

As a priority and in a sustainable manner, water resources shall be used to supply the population with drinking water and water for household use and in this respect shall not be a market commodity.

The supply of the population with drinking water and water for household use shall be ensured by the state directly through self-governing local communities and on a not-for-profit basis.”

Laws regulating the matters referred to in the new Article 70a of the Constitution must be brought into conformity with this Constitutional Act within eighteen months of it entering into force.

This Constitutional Act shall enter into force upon its promulgation in the National Assembly.

Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No. 75/16 of 30 November 2016

Same the behaviour she was expecting from the people of India for her husband. But unfortunately, when they landed in India very first experience with a builder was a nightmare for them. She also had to face a lot of harassment for herself as well as for her husband. But when the builder realized that the couple is not going to succumb to any pressure, he was ready to take back the house and refund the money. But That is not enough for the couple they are expecting an unconditional apology from him. Nothing has happened yet. Now both are experiencing the Indian system in different offices

 After complaining to the Chief Minister and Food and Drug Administration about packaged purified water two days ago they both came to me when I was talking to the Reporters. They were surprised to hear the matter of privatization of packaged water and privatization of dams in the state.  They told me that in their country even if the water reservoir is private it cannot be closed and access to water cannot be restricted, anybody.

The quality of water in Slovenia is very good and, in the future, it will gradually become more valuable good. Due to its increasing value, in the future, foreign countries and international corporations may target it and increase the pressure on Slovenia. To protect water from such pressure Slovenian parliament has made it the fundamental right of citizens. Apart from Slovenia, more than 15 countries have taken such a decision. Slovenia is the first European Union country to include water rights in the Constitution.

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