Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Whose phone call details did Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar Check and why?

Day before yesterday Deputy chief minister of Maharastra Ajit Pawar said that he has checked the phone call details of people who broke jambhe land scam.He was answering the question about  Inquiry of divisional commissioner Prabhakar deshmukh.(Daily Saamana 28 january 2014, Pune)He said  “ I have gone through phone call details of some people and I find no point in those allegations”. When asked categorily, have you checked journalists phone call details , he denied  and said don’t put those words in my mouth. Journalists or activists do not have intuition power. They get information from various sources.In this case also the journalists must have got information from their sources.

Now question is whose call details did Mr.Ajit Pawar check ?, Who provided those details to him and why?. Is this legitimate to check anybody’s call details?. Is this the way to treat the whistleblowers?. There are some people who are connected to this matter .journalists who broke this news, the people who allegedely leaked some information, myself, who later on gathered some information , complained to Chief minister and wrote blog, anna hazare  , who  wrote letter to chief minister and expressed his unhappiness on this issue. Whose call details mr Ajit Pawar has gone through?.

 Instead of inquiring in to the allegations Mr. Pawar has given clean cheat on the basis of phone call details. Instead of going in to phone call details of whistle blower Mr. Prabhakar Deshmukh should come clean on this issue.In my letter to Chief minister I have given sufficient proof. Now its government’s responsibility to inquire further in this matter.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Jambhe land scam, clear case of conflict of interest

Is there any business that gives so much return within period of one or two years? The land which was purchased at just Rs 2 crore will now generate Rs 127 crores by selling land only. The recurring income from selling power is additional benefit

Setting aside all the rules, Pune Divisional Commissioner Prabhakar Deshmukh has purchased around 300 acres of land worth crores of rupees  near Jambhe village in Satara district. Deshmukh has purchased the land in the names of close relatives.

This scam throws light on the shocking facts,  300 acres of land was  initially sold  by one  Satish Bhimsen Agarwal  to Suryajirao Patankar at just minimal cost of Rs 80,400 on 15 November 2008. That means land was sold at just 68 paisa per square meter or Seven paisa  per square feet. No matter at what price land was sold, basic question is how come the village community land  was transferred on Agarwal’s name?. Then on 15 October 2010 this patankarl sold said land to to Divisional Commissioner Prabhakar Deshmukh's wife Anuradha Deshmukh, son Mayuraj Deshmukh and others namely, Krishnaji Deshmukh, Yugaraj Chunnilala Kavedia, Umesh Yugaraj kavedia, Risha Ramesh Kavedia,  Savita Ramesh kavedia

 The vicious circle of miss deeds doesn’t stop here. The land purchased  at minimal price was  given Non agriculture (N.A) status within ten days ,On January 18, 2013, Ramesh Yugaraj Kavediya applied for the transferring the agriculture land into non-agriculture land, interestingly, within ten days i.e. on January 28, the official transformation process complete. The permission was granted for industrial purpose by transforming the agriculture land to N.A.There were some terms and conditions imposed on while granting N.A status while granting N.A status to this land, however  who cares ? , when top bureaucrats is with you,then is there any need of following conditions?.

There was one condition in N. A . permission “without written permission of the officer who granted said N.A. permission said land or part of the land will not be sub divided and land should not be used for the purpose other than the permission granted, however now, on this 300-acres of the land 'Sidhivinayak Eco Power Project’ is coming up and the plot selling process has  already started. As per the scheme launched “first 100 lucky buyers” will get 21,000sq.ft plot for Rs 21 lakh. The price set for the further buyers was unknown. That means land that was purchased for just  160 paisa per square feet will now be sold at the price of 100 rupees per square feet or more. Is there any business that gives so much return within period of one or two years? The land which was purchased at just Rs 2 crore will now generate Rs 127 crores by selling land only. The recurring income from selling power is another benefit.  The suspicious land deeds raises several unanswered questions like: 

 1) How come Satish Bhimsen Agarwal came in to the picture? Till 2009 land seems to be village community land, then how ownership of the land was transferred in the name of Agarwal?

 2) As per the rehabilitation act land was prohibited from any type of transfer then how come this land was sold and transferred?

3) If the land is village community land then nobody including  the state authority cannot disburse or change the us of land .there are several  Supreme Court citations that safe guards village community land.

4) There are several blunders in index II

5) Who and what basis gave permission of subdivision of this land

6) as per ready reckoner the rate of agriculture land at  jambhe was approximately 5.20 lakh per hector and N.A.  rate was 340 rupees per sq.ft. As per this rate cost of this land comes to 6 crore if considered agriculture and 41 crore if considered N.A. The why this land was sold at just 2 crore rupees? .Just because Divisional commissioners relatives are involved it ?. This is clear case of conflict of interest.

7) Residents of this village are illiterates; it seems that by taking advantage of their illiteracy somebody in hands in glove with bureaucracy  has deceived them.